Ryan Bewley (Team Breakdown/Franklin Academy/Sunrise, FL) 2023 6’8 PF/C – It’s easy to see Ryan Bewley is full of potential. This long, agile big man is a force on the glass and was able to snatch boards at the NYBL Finals, even if they seemed to be out of reach. Ryan ran the floor in transition and understood how to space the court so he could receive passes from his guards. When getting the ball in the paint he was able to finish through contact using a pretty decent post up game. Every time opponents entered the middle they had to be aware of where Ryan was because of his shot blocking ability. Make no mistake about it, if this kid continues to improve at this pace many high major programs nationwide will be on his trail.

Jaylen Harrington (NC Red Storm/South Garner HS/Raleigh, NC) 2023 5’11 PG – Jaylen Harrington was one of several talented kids in the NC Red Storm’s very strong backcourt. He used his handle to work the defense into spots on the floor where he was most comfortable at. While running the offense he was aware of when it was his turn to go get a bucket or move the ball to someone else and keep the offense in the flow of things. Once you combine his skillset and basketball IQ then it’s easy to tell why this young man put the GMR staff on notice that he deserves a Fresh Outta Middle School Invitational invite.

Addison Archer (Asheville Game Changers/Chase HS/Forrest City, NC) 2023 6’5 SF – Addison Archer has the length and skillset that makes him a mismatch for most opponents on the floor. When big men step out on him he can attack from the wing or elect to burn the defense from beyond the arc. Addison runs the floor very well and looks to finish above the rim when the opportunity presents itself. When a shot goes up he has to be accounted for because of his excellent rebounding ability. What makes him an even bigger threat is the fact he can grab the ball off the glass and push it in transition like a guard. Addison is a very talented young man with a strong upside.

Stephon Castle (DCA Stacey/Newton HS/Covington, GA) 2023 6’2 SG – We got a chance to catch Stephon Castle in a prime time match up against a very competitive team and he did everything possible to keep his team in the game. Stephon has a good handle and used it, along with his craftiness, to keep defenders on their heels. His length also helped him contribute on the glass and affect multiple shots on defense. What we also loved is how Stephon utilized his basketball IQ, knowing when to attack the rim and when to move the ball. We’re expecting Stephon to contribute early on to his high school’s varsity program.

Source: www.getmerecruited.com