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Players & Recruiters


The ALWAYSLIVE platform is a cloud-based subscription service that takes recruiting exposure to the next level by combining cutting-edge technology with years of industry experience to connect players with college recruiters. Complete game video, statistics and player data are captured, uploaded and assigned to player profiles. The resulting enhanced player profiles are made searchable by and shareable with recruiters, coaches, fans, and other players across major social media platforms enhancing player visibility. The ALWAYSLIVE Platform will provide multi-level subscription options for Players, Fans, Coaches and College Recruiters and is slated to go online during the Spring of 2018.


ALWAYSLIVE offers players a free subscription to create their own player profile and manage any related data already in the system, including setting public/private options for total control of profile data. Players are encouraged to enhance their profile by providing additional information about themselves such as awards and recognitions earned, upcoming event and tournament schedule, academic information (i.e., GPA and SAT/ACT scores) and contact information (i.e., email, social media handles, etc.). Players will also be able to upload and associate additional content with their player profile, including photos and links to existing online videos and social media mentions. The ALWAYSLIVE platform allows the player to share any or all content from their profile via email, text or major social media platforms.


ALWAYSLIVE provides college coaches and recruiters subscription-based access to our collection of student-athlete player profiles. These profiles include complete game videos, advanced stats and enhanced player information available in NCAA-compliant formats. Recruiters can search for players by any number of biological, geographical, academic and performance data points to quickly identify the best recruits. If a recruiter is interested in a player, they have the option to request contact through the platform. ALWAYSLIVE brokers all initial requests for contact between subscribers for privacy. Only if both parties agree will the contact proceed.