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Event Services

In addition to the ALWAYSLIVE Platform, ALWAYSLIVE partners with top-tier Event Directors to maximize the exposure potential of their events. This means providing guidance and assistance with event coverage to ensure that complete game video, advanced statistics and enhanced player data is collected and made available via the ALWAYSLIVE Platform. ALWAYSLIVE’s portfolio of event services includes low cost, self-service coverage options, online and social media event promotion, revenue-generating online and onsite Event Stores and financial assistance to grow existing events and bring more events to market.

Event Coverage

ALWAYSLIVE’s event coverage model provides support and self-service options so an event can capture relevant player and game performance data required to create NCAA-compliant player profiles on the ALWAYSLIVE Platform.

Complete Game Video

Training, support, gear rental and resource options are provided for capturing complete game video, shot for analysis (breakdown)

Advanced Statistics

Training, support and tools are offered for capturing advanced stats that college coaches and recruiters are looking for (e.g., assists, blocks, steals and other stats not captured in the typical pre-collegiate scoring process)

Enhanced Player Data

Training, support and tools are offered for capturing enhanced player data that college coaches and recruiters are looking for and the NCAA requires (e.g., biological, academic, combine results and other attributes not captured in the registration process)

Event Promotion

ALWAYSLIVE’s event promotion offerings include event facility/courtside marketing and multi-channel event promotion campaigns via social media to increase visibility of your event and drive more teams to register for it.

Event Directory

Registering your event as an event with ALWAYSLIVE Exposure! includes a complete Event Profile Page on the ALWAYSLIVE Event Directory. The directory is marketed to High School, Prep School and league coaches as well as college coaches and recruiters so your event can be seen by decision makers at the team and recruiting levels.

Facility / Courtside Marketing

High-quality banners, posters and window clings that tell everyone your event will have ALWAYSLIVE Exposure! and give them social media tags and handles to find out more about the event will be provided so that you can promote your event at the facility it will be held in. Options are available for co-branding and materials can be sent 1-3 weeks prior to your event to allow for sufficient pre-event promotion.

Event Promotion Campaigns

A professionally designed and managed multi-channel communication campaign will be customized and provided for your event. Each campaign begins when your event is registered and promotes your event across multiple channels (email and social media) for 3-8 weeks prior to your event start date. A post-event wrap-up is included.

Event Store

ALWAYSLIVE’s Event Store offering provides services that players, coaches and fans attending your event are asking for and provides additional revenue streams for you by profit-sharing of the proceeds.

Game Video

All complete game videos collected from your event will be professionally edited and placed in an online Video on Demand page that is unique to and co-branded with your event. All videos will be available to download and/or stream for a small charge.

Game Statistics Service (available 1Q18)

A basic and advanced film analysis service is available for a reasonable charge to those coaches or players who choose not to compute statistics for their own games.


ALWAYSLIVE t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, sweat bands and compression sleeves (to mention a few) will be available for sale online and (optionally) onsite. Co-branding options are available.


Various basketball-related items, toys and novelties priced between $5 and $100 will be available for sale online and (optionally) onsite. Co-branding options are available.

Event Logistical and Financial Assistance

For Event Directors and organizations looking to bring new events to market or wanting to significantly expand the size and draw of their existing events, ALWAYSLIVE offers a deeper level of partnership that includes major logistical and financial support in a profit sharing model. The level of partnership can be customized for your needs and can include any or all of the following:

Event Logistics

  • Assist in developing event scope (Location, dates, age ranges, etc.)
  • Assist in designing event structure (Brackets, playoffs, showcase, etc.)
  • Help secure sanctioning (Affiliation, rules, policies & procedures, league requirements, etc.)

Event Operations

  • Select and secure facilities
  • Manage registration
  • Procure staffing ( Officials, scorers and registration table, videographers, security and medical, etc.)
  • Provide equipment (Basketballs, scoreboards, scoresheets, etc.)
  • Provide Awards (Trophies, plaques, certificates, etc.)
  • Manage Event Store (sales of game videos, apparel, swag, etc.)

Event Promotion

  • Secure sponsorships (Local and national)
  • Multi-channel communication campaign (Pre through Post-Event)
  • Facility / courtside marketing materials

Event Coverage

  • Shoot complete game video
  • Capture advanced stats
  • Capture enhanced player data (beyond registration data)

Event Financing

  • Staffing
  • Insurance
  • Facility down payments and deposits

Event In A Box (EIAB)

ALWAYSLIVE has brought together core aspects of its Event Coverage, Event Promotion and Event Store services to provide everything needed to enhance an event, increase it’s draw and provide maximum exposure for players. Everything is available online or sent to your site. Training and support is included, so we’re with you every step of the way. We call it Event in a Box (EIAB) and it includes:

Training, support and gear rental for self-service coverage of your event

  • Shoot Complete Game Video, suitable for analysis
  • Capture Advanced Statistics
  • Collect Enhanced Player Data

NCAA-compliant player profiles created for each player at your event, hosted online on the ALWAYSLIVE Platform

Professionally Managed Event Promotion before, during and after your event

Co-branded Event Store (online) with

  • Professionally edited game videos for download and/or streaming
  • ALWAYSLIVE t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, sweat bands, etc. (optionally co-branded)
  • Various basketball-related items, toys and novelties (optionally co-branded)

EIAB is economical. The only charge is for player profiles and optional services such as gear rental, upgraded event promotion and co-branding. Everything else is included at no extra charge and there is profit-sharing on the Event Store proceeds to further reduce your spend.

If you’re interested in getting Event In A Box for your next event, please contact Angelica Mealing, Director of Event Services at 844.593.9084 x701 or email us at